Coachella Inspired Music Festival Trends


Whether it’s Coachella, Pemberton Music Festival or the Squamish Valley Music Festival, you have to push the envelope when it comes to fashion.
By blending bohemian-hippie style, rock & roll-punk,with a hint of girlie fashion trends, you can have the best outfit for the music festival you got tickets to this summer! It’s all about accessorizing with jewelry, head pieces, hats, etc.
With that being said, here are my tips and tricks to be the most fashionable girl at the festival!

The first thing I do when I put together an outfit, is I figure out what kind of theme I am generally going to be aiming for. Am I going for a more girly look with flowers? Or am I wanting more of a edgier look with combat boots perhaps? It is important to stick to somewhat of a theme when deciding on an outfit because if you don’t stick to one theme you can look like you are trying too hard.

For example this outfit below has too much going on.
She’s got bohemian-hippie patterns, mixed with a rocker shirt, with way too many accessories!

This look would look so much better without all the extra accessories and mixed styles.


After you have picked a style theme that you are going to stick with for the most part, you can then start accessorizing (which is the fun part!) with items that somewhat go with your chosen theme. This is when you get to show off your creative side!


Vanessa Hudgens (above)does a phenomenal job putting together outfits for Coachella. Here, she sticks to a fairly girly theme with the flowered crop top she has on. And she simply adds floral accessories like the flower belt and jewellery.

Step 1: Theme/Picking basic key pieces ie: dress, romper, shorts/tee etc.
Step 2: Accessorize & Be Creative.

Simple as that.

Themes: Tribal, Bohemian, Girly, Rock/Punk, Hippie…
Patterns: Crochet, Floral, Lace, Jean, Aztec, Silk…
Accessories: Floral headbands, Fringe bags, Low brimmed hats, bangles, face jewellery, sunglasses, fanny packs…

WARNINGS:Be sure to not over-do any particular pattern. And be careful not to accessorize too much. Hopefully this helped inspire you to let out your bohemian-hippie style goddess for the upcoming music festivals!

I’m sure people won’t be able to take their eyes off you!


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