My opinion on Covid-19, masks and our human right to freedom of CHOICE!

This is it everyone. The time has come…

The Apocalypse is now! Look around you…Everyone has a mask on, buried into their devices and controlled by the media.

Apocalypse: “from the Ancient Greek word meaning unveiling. What has been revealed?”

Well, let me see, ah let’s start with… how about A GLOBAL ELITE PEDOPHILLIA RING! Or how about A GLOBAL PANDEMIC/PLANDEMIC!

Everyone is wearing masks now. Well, at least a lot more people then before. I don’t care if you wear a mask or not thats your prerogative; however please mask wearers: don’t JUDGE ME for MY CHOICE to not wear a mask. I don’t judge you for your CHOICE to wear a mask. I refuse to live in fear.

If you are so confident that the masks work and social distancing working than you shouldn’t even care about me CHOOSING not to wear one. As long as you are wearing one, you are safe. I’ve always believed in PRO CHOICE for everything and it is my damn human right to breathe in fresh air if I CHOOSE to and not my own carbon dioxide on top of the scorching summer heat thank you very much.

Who would have thought that in 2020 it would be considered selfish to simply breathe openly in public!? Crazy!

Government: originated from ancient Latin “guvernare” meaning “too CONTROL” & “mentís” meaning “the MIND.”

I think there is a bigger plan at play here. This is population CONTROL. To see how far the government (to CONTROL, the MIND) & the mainstream media (Fear, Newspeak, Propaganda) Can CONTROL the masses… Just like in George Orwell’s classic novel 1984.

When I was a child, I did not like Costco….

I cried and cried when my parents took me there. I didn’t have a CHOICE, I went wherever they went. Honestly, I have no idea why Costco made me so upset I just did not like the feeling being in there. Years later I understand why I didn’t like Costco for all those years as an innocent child. I still don’t like Costco. I get the appeal; Bulk food at a low price, what more could you want. However, I feel this cult like energy when I go there. You need a membership to get in, I’ve been kicked out because I was a third party, and they force people to wear masks there…I saw this video of an old woman refusing to wear a mask at a Costco and causing a scene because they wouldn’t let her shop in the store without wearing one. What happened to respect your elders?

She probably had some sort of breathing problem or was claustrophobic who knows, who really cares but if I was her I would’ve just left and took my money elsewhere. Forcing someone especially an old woman to wear a mask!? What has this world come too!? Fuck!? Where are we going!? Jesus H.W Christ save us all!

Costco now and in the future

2020: “We only serve people with face masks.”

2021: “We only serve people with Covid-pass’s”

2022: “We only serve people with microchips! …”

We are in seriously dangerous times folks. Although Hope is not completely lost.

You can take back CONTROL. Of your own MINDS, BODIES, and SPIRITS. Get in touch with nature. Take deep breaths of fresh air, meditate and reflect on everything. Question everything. We need to come together like the Beatles said not against each other to fight for our freedom. So that the rest of the plot of Divergent doesn’t play out in real life…

2 thoughts on “My opinion on Covid-19, masks and our human right to freedom of CHOICE!

  1. Have A Conscious says:

    you: it’s my CHOICE! let me BREATHE!

    people dying from covid cause selfish people like you don’t have any regard for those around them: *literally cannot breathe* *like they are literally hooked on to ventilators*

    Would you have sex with no contraceptives? No condoms, no birth control, no “pull out method,” etc.?

    Assuming that your answer is no let me propose a scenario. Let’s pretend you’re about to have intercourse and your male partner is telling you he does not want to have sex with a condom on. You explain to him that you don’t want to run the risk of pregnancy or catching an STI. Your partner counters back and says “Well it’s not guaranteed you’ll get pregnant. And I don’t have any STI’s. Plus it feels better for me this way and it’s not like the government is demanding condoms must be used at all time. It’s my right not to wear a condom. My body, my choice.”

    Personally, I would be out of that situation before he ever finished explaining. Having your own agency over your body is extremely important however if your “choice” directly infringes upon the people around you, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the health of others, that’s just plain selfish and honestly a dick move. If you don’t want to live life in fear that’s okay. Masks aren’t just to protect to you, the biggest benefit they serve is to stop YOU from spreading YOUR spit from other people. You can carry COVID without having any symptoms (just like some STI’s,) so of you don’t want to be fearful then don’t be. But don’t force other people to not be cautious of those like you.

    That’s THEIR choice.

    • rheannaneil says:

      Agree to disagree; I believe Covid is just another strain of the flu, and is blown way out of proportion. In 2018 approx 650,000 people around the world died from the seasonal flu. Did anyone care? No. You see non mask wearers as disease spreading, defiant, selfish imbeciles. When in reality we are fighting for the last remnants of your freedom you didn’t know you were about to lose. I don’t know about you, but I’m more concerned with extreme poverty, human trafficking, a global elite pedophila ring and war crimes. So excuse me if I’m not worried about a virus that has a mortality rate of <0.4 %

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