twenty twenty vision: a poem

And now breathing fresh air is selfish and they will judge you for it…

Their eyes dark and full of fear… as your mind replays the years of better times in your head, all…

As you look back at them, trying hard to smile through the pain… to spread love. You remember how happy people used to be…Reflecting on the kindness causes sadness inside you. Friends who used to be friendly, treat you like a bug or a leech. When all you wanted was a hug, an outreach. Called selfish for breathing; having PTSD


Is this a dream? You pinch yourself to another dimension. In your eyes mind. It’s not 5G it’s 5D! Where there are no fears, no tears, just cheerful faces. When you get there it’s the most magical of places.

A place where no one discriminates on beliefs, classes, sexual orientations, or races. Because we all know that we are all a part of Gods love and graces.

And then you realize there is no reason to be afraid of her or him or me or you. Because if I am you then you are me too. Then who are you afraid of? You? And you don’t need to be afraid of you…It’s you.

All is love is YOU.

You is love, and it’s all you can do.


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