Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Trends

This years Fall/Winter Fashion trends are bringing pieces from every iconic fashion era together into different looks. Here I will outline some of the trending Fall/Winter pieces, what era they are from and why they are so iconic they are back in style for yet another round. You know what they say “History repeats itself.” And that includes fashion so let’s jump in the time machine and see what’s up in fashion in 2020…

1.) Shoulder pads/ Ruffled shoulders ; Era 80’s

Bella Hadid wearing puff sleeves
Puffed sleeves can work for Blazers, blouses, dresses and more…

2.) Bright Turtlenecks ; Era 70’s

BRIGHTER the BETTER this year! Bright colours have been proven to literally brighten people’s moods and we all need that this winter.

3.) Corset style dresses -Era 1900’s (The S-Bend Corset)

Going for the corset dress with puffy sleeves mixes the best of both the 1900’s and 80’s trends.

4.) Fringe Details Era-1920’s Flapper Style

Try out fringe this season on bags, dresses, jackets, shoes and skirts (shown above)

5.) Satin Dresses -Era 90’s

All colours & shades are in this season; pair with gold hooped earrings and you have a LOOK 👀

6.) Patchwork- Era 70’s

Make sure to colour match the patches to create the best look; for example Reds Blues & Greens work here. Or going with different shades of Browns and yellows would work too.

7.) Bucket Hats- Era 90’s

Fuzzy bucket hats, or solid coloured ones are shown by Bella Hadid to work in the summer months as well as the Fall/Winter months.